October 21, 2020

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Parenting Workshops & Children’s Social Classes

Parenting Workshops & Children’s Social Classes
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Parenting takes a village.  Sometimes, depending on your family dynamics, it can be helpful to bring in professionals to acquire new skills especially when communication obstacles between parents and children arise.  It can be the same for children, as well.  Stronger communication, social skills and emotional competence leads to an increased sense of happiness, belonging, resilience, self-efficacy and success.


PARENT EFFECTIVENESS TRAINING (PET): Hong Kong has their own Gordon Parenting website where you can book a class with a number of times, instructors and languages to learn this highly effective method of guiding children using active listening, the behaviour window and Method III problem solving.

CONSCIOUS PARENTING: Katherine Wintery-Sellery takes participants through a six-week workshop full analyzing best parenting practices using her Guidance Approach to Discipline Parenting Workbook whilst incorporating work from Parent Effectiveness Training, Brene Brown and Eugene Gendlin.

MINDFUL PARENTING: Dr Quratulain Zaidi takes parents through the unique challenges of 21st century parenting over the course of 6 weeks to help children overcome obstacles. She also runs parenting courses for parents of ADHD/ADD children following topics on behavior, discipline, nutrition, health, organization, time management, friendships, social skills and building parenting skills.

SENG PARENT WORKSHOPS: These parent workshops are specifically geared towards families with high ability children. In a round-table setting, cover 6-8 major topics that all parents face raising bright, capable and high potential children.


SPOT CHILDREN’S CENTRE: SPOT runs a regular SPOT Buddies social communication group that addresses sensory and functional emotional skill building. These groups are run for children in the 3-4 year and 4-5 year age band. They also run a weekly gifted boys group and bespoke social pairings and joint sessions, offering a unique tailored approach for social learning.

SPROUT IN MOTION: SPROUT offers social thinking curriculum for children ages 4 to 14 in a 3:1 student/teacher ratio. They also have two girls groups, which specifically help girls on the ADHD and ASD spectrum.

THE JADIS BLURTON FAMILY DEVELOPMENT CENTER: BDFC offers Saturday Kids Club and Emotional Regulation, two programs that help kids age 6-9 years old build social skills and coping strategies through fun, confidence-building activities. BDFC also runs a free support group for anxious teens also runs every weekend.

MINDQUEST: The Mindquest PowerUP workshop is a 12-week programme for youth aged 10+ that examines all areas of well-being. PowerUP introduces youth to the skills they need to master their own minds and unlock their innate potential.

BEBEGARTEN: The Social Plus Programme is for 3-5 year olds using role-playing, stories, themes and fun activities to support your child’s social awareness. Skills learnt includes social greetings, awareness of others, eye contact, peer interactions, taking turns, and play skills.


To have your workshops added to the list please contact info@healthylivingasia.com.

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