October 29, 2020

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Book Review: The Dog Who Chased His Tail

Book Review: The Dog Who Chased His Tail
Photo Credit To Laura Paul

Greg March’s book, The Dog Who Chased His Tail, is a perfect platform for your child(ren) to dive into the art of meditation, using a fun relatable story to focus and quiet down a busy multi-tasking mind. Suitable for all ages, readers are introduced to calm-centered boy, Tanzan and his tail-chasing dog, Ekido.  Ekido wants to stop chasing his tail (a metaphor for a mind with bouncing thoughts) and asks young Tanzan how to do it.

Through a demonstration using Ekido’s water bowl, Ekido comes to understand what happens when the mind is too full. The answer?  A meditative breathing song that induces controlled breath with added visualization.  At the end, Ekido is finally able to bring his wandering mind back to a state of calm.

After testing the book with a few groups, older children appreciated the fun storyline (especially those children with animals in the house), as well as the physical reminders to breathe in and out with a rising belly.  Younger children enjoyed relating to energetic Ekido and acting out the story by pretending to be Ekido with their feet in the air!  Parents will love this book for it’s simple and effective way to explain meditation, and the chance to connect with their child(ren).

Available at Bookazine stores throughout Hong Kong.

About the Author

Greg learnt to meditate as a child from his mum who is a Yoga teacher and practices every day. Attending many meditation retreats over the years, including Thich Nhat Hahn’s Plum Village, Greg loves meditation and now shares simple techniques with his children aged 5 and 2 with varying degrees of success!  Greg was inspired during meditation to create this book. Blending his favourite Zen story, A Cup of Tea, with this guided meditation using the characters from his previous book, The Muddy Road, and beautiful illustrations by Yae Yeung.  Contact Greg directly at gregorymarch@icloud.com.



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