Quick Tips for Exercise Success!

Quick Tips for Exercise Success!
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Exercise specialist and personal trainer, Andrew Cox, tells Healthy Living Asia readers how to set up your life for exercise success with his top tips.  Depending on your fitness goals, see our other articles on exercise to determine which type and plan is best for you – longevity, strength, endurance, speed, and/or flexibility.  For more exercise tips from Andrew Cox, find out the best ways to get fit starting in your 20s and beyond.


Be Realistic
Evaluate your current state of health and fitness, and try not to do too much too soon to avoid injury and burnout

Start Slow
Commit to long-term health, fitness and performances goals

Find a Coach
Establish a baseline, build upon what exists and then continue to challenge yourself beyond your current capabilities

Schedule Exercise
Make it a priority by adding it to your weekly calendar in your normal schedule

Add Friends

It is easier to create and keep goals, challenge your limits and find exercise more enjoyable when scheduling it with a group, friends, partner or trainer

Practice Health
Health is a skill crafted and honed over many workouts, games, training sessions, meals, recovery periods, social interactions, thinking patterns and sleeps. The more practice, the better quality of health you will enjoy


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Post source : Laura Paul with Andrew Cox

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