Myth Busting Personal Training with Bobbie-Ann

Myth Busting Personal Training with Bobbie-Ann
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Bobbie-Ann Poulton sets me straight on what the latest strategies are for longevity, healthy training and busts through fitness myths.  Tackling low-fat, high sugar diets, erroneous advice such as women being told not to exercise when pregnant, along with the advice such as lifting weights would make a woman look like Arnold Schwarzenegger are just a few things we discussed.

Who is Bobbie-Ann?

Originally, I had asked Bobbie-Ann for a few quotes on an upcoming piece. I didn’t expect to absolutely absorb all of her enthusiasm for personal training, her motivations for helping people make better decisions and even for getting me back into the gym! Who can say, “No,” to any of those benefits on an interview?

I first heard about Bobbie-Ann through a few casual conversations with friends. Since I’m always interested in meeting uniquely experienced professionals at the top of their game, it became clear I needed to meet Bobbie. Friends would say things such as, “She sends me motivational messages all the time. I think twice about what I’m doing because I know I’ll have to tell her later. Bobbie is so much fun, and she is so energetic. I can’t help but feel more energetic myself!”

So a few weeks ago, I sat down with Bobbie-Ann to ask her a few pressing questions.

gym joint dynamics bobbie poulton colin symmondsQuestion: What is the number one mistake people make when getting back to exercise?

Answer: Too much, too soon. Most people have been taught there is a quick fix. Nothing we do in life for longevity has anything to do with quick fixes. In training, the quick fixes end in injuries, crash-diets and yo-yo behaviours. That’s where I come in. It falls to me to help my clients with realistic goals and to look at fitness goals and overall health for my clients.

Question: What are the top 3 things people can do now for their health?


  1. Prepare for risk. Everyone messes up during training and whilst making lifestyle changes. The best thing you can do is prepare for the situations that put you at risk. Let’s say that might be going out for drinks with friends. Giving yourself a plan that you will have one drink of your choice and then soda water with lemon gives your mind a default decision before the situation happens. You are much less likely to fail when prepared.
  2. SAVERS+ (adapted from SAVERS). I read a book by the same name that has changed my whole dynamic . Each letter correlates to an action: S- silence, A-Affirmations, V-Visualisations, E-Exercise, R-Reading, S-Scribe plus my own addition of making the bed as soon as I get up everyday. I recommend to my clients they do one minute of SAVERS+. It’s starts your day positively with energy and clarity for whatever lies ahead.
  3. Sleep.  It’s well known that adults and children in Hong Kong are not getting enough sleep. As an insomnia survivor, I’ve learnt how to manage and improve my sleep through trial and error. Now I get 7.5 hours (at least) every night and it is consistent, both of which are key to success. Sleep also helps with weight loss, hunger and stress.

Question: What is your training ethos?

kettle bells Tadelis fitness exercise

Image by Tadelis

Answer:   I’m a believer and product of functional training. FT basically means that you are strong enough to get through your activities without getting injured. For most individuals, focussing on movement every day is where I start. With the basic exercises of bending, pushing, pulling, lunges, squats, I can adapt a workout to anyone’s needs by incorporating the three planes of motion – front/back, rotating and lateral. Because I also have a background in rehabilitation, I’m also very aware of how a body needs to move optimally and how to work with constraints to improve strength, flexibility and mobility.


Bobbie-original-profileAbout Bobbie-Ann Poulton

Bobbie-Ann recently finished 3rd in the CrossFit Asia Championship Central Sectional, much to her delighted surprise. She will be competing in the Grand Final next month in Korea. To make an appointment with Bobbie-Ann, contact her at:


Joint Dynamics
Asia Standard Tower
5/F, 59-65 Queens Road
Central, Hong Kong
Phone: 852 2762 0528


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