October 22, 2020

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Mix-it-up March Went Crazy!

Mix-it-up March Went Crazy!
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Update:  Well the plan to mix things up in March got so jumbled we weren’t able to make most of our classes with @GuavaPass.  So instead, when life gets in the way of fitness, we have outlined 5 tips to get you back on track and keep moving even when life takes over.

  1.  Overcome inertia:  Getting back into the swing of a regular fitness routine may be a pipe dream for many working professionals, caregivers and busy individuals.  Any object that starts moving is more likely to keep moving.  So even if you do one pushup, most likely it is all you need to get to number two.
  2. Call a friend:  If you have been too busy to do anything but fall into bed at night, make an appointment for a walk (or any moving activity such as tennis) with a close friend. When someone is relying on you to show up and you get to have a chat, you both of you will be less likely to cancel.  Too many meetings?  Plan an active one.  Exercise is known for stimulating new ideas, helping the brain synthesize new information and creates a positive dynamic in relationships.  That will be enough to get you going again.
  3. Be nice to yourself:   Sometimes events out of our control end up taking control of our lives.  There are tons of apps and YouTube videos if you constantly travel or have a busy schedule that doesn’t fit normal gym hours.  Get Fit and Appy at home or check out these home fitness videos with Martine Pellegrini Petit of ENERCHI.
  4. If you have to choose between sleep and exercise, take turns:  Exhaustion is real, stress can be a constant burden and commitments can crowd your calendar.  You cannot survive without sleep.  To learn more about how much you need read more here.  However, sleep can be affected by lack of exercise and movement.  Exercise also helps reduce stress, can make you more efficient at work and keep your energy levels up.
  5. Set a goal: There are so many articles written about the effectiveness of goals to keep up motivation.  Learn more from Dan Pink in this Ted Talk for the real ideas that work to keep you going when the going gets tough. Then think about your purpose for exercise both long and short term.  Combine those two ideas, and there will be no stopping you as you jump back on the track, get outside or open that door to the gym.

Keep reading on for the two great classes we did get to try, courtesy of GuavaPass.

Mix-it-up March has Healthy Living Asia trying a wide variety of activities all across Hong Kong using the fun and flexible GuavaPass.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram for fun pictures of our adventures and up-to-date news on how we are mixing things up this month!

MONDAY – 9:00am Circuit Training/HIIT in K-town with ApeFit

We loved our first session with ApeFit at Belcher’s Bay Park in Kennedy Town. This MTR and bus accessible outdoor session was a great way to get over jet lag and return to a normal exercise routine.  Coach Sasha kept us motivated and the other participants were all super friendly and motivated.  We loved the outdoor venue, exercising without fussy items, the community and the fun variety of exercises for strength and cardio.  We left having enjoyed a full workout, feeling good and ready to come back.  Take this class if you love being outside, want to join an exercise community and if you like a variety of exercise movements.  This class operates at Belcher’s Bay on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Additional sessions are available throughout Hong Kong.

THURSDAY – BouncePilates Level 1 with BounceLimit

We jumped, twisted and let out of few shouts on our way to a fun cardio blast followed by concentrated pilates.  The first half of class was full of fun Bounce moves designed to go directly with the beat of the music for optimal cardio benefit.  The intense focus to follow the instructor, plus think about your own bouncing was a wonderful mind-bouncing break from the daily grind.  Think about something else, and you will bounce right off your in-ground rebounder!  The second half of class was an interesting mix of core pilates both using the rebounder of off.  This class is great for someone who likes to mix things up, get in touch with their inner child or for those just getting back into exercise.




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