2016 – Year of the Fire Monkey

2016 – Year of the Fire Monkey
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The Year of the Wood Goat is slowly coming to an end, and on 4 February 2016, we will be entering the Year of the Fire Monkey.

In the Chinese calendar system, this particular year will be dominated by two elements: Fire and Metal. According to the cycle of birth and destruction, which is one of the cornerstones of Chinese Metaphysics and everything related to Feng Shui, Fire is in direct clash with Metal, as it has the ability to destroy (“melt”) Metal. This indicates a year of disharmony and somewhat explosive tempers. However, due to the playful and very straightforward nature of the Monkey, arguments and conflicts tend to be resolved rather quickly and compromises are easy to come by.

The Monkey is the clash animal for the Tiger. So, while those of us born in the year of the Monkey will have a great year ahead, full of life-changing opportunities, Tiger people might want to tread lightly and just go with the flow this year. Sporty Tigers will be more prone to sport injuries and accidents. Tiger and Monkey are both Traveling Stars, and together they form a “Horse Carriage Clash” – an indication for a higher risk of traffic and road-related accidents.

In terms of health, a Fire-Metal clash is often an indicator for respiratory issues, gastric and intestinal problems, as well as illnesses involving the prostate.

When it comes to the Feng Shui of your residence or office, the Year of the Monkey will bring particular challenges to the Northeast sector, where the #5 Yellow Calamity Star takes residence. Generally regarded as a rather negative star, the #5 Yellow Star finds itself in a very rare combination this year, which enhances its harmful energies. If you happen to have your bedroom or study/desk in the Northeast, it would be highly advisable to move away from this sector of the house until February 3, 2017. It would be safest to keep this area of your home or business as undisturbed and quiet as possible.

The Wealth Sectors for the Year of the Monkey reside in the Southwest, East and Southeast. To take full advantage of the favorable energies residing in these sectors, either sleep or work there. Alternatively, try to spend as much time as possible in these areas of your residence or office, to keep the energies active. Installing a water feature in this area is also an option, but the effects will not be felt as strongly as if you’d simply used the sector.

Although all three of these sectors are related to Wealth, there are slight variations in who should use them and how. The Southwest is for “immediate wealth”, i.e. activating this sector can bring windfall gains. It is also best used for people who are in an employment situation, as this primary wealth energy brings about opportunities for promotions or a pay rise.

The Southeast, on the other hand, is best used by entrepreneurs, freelancers and people who are self-employed. It is also suitable for long term investment opportunities.

Often ignored by Westerners are the benefits that are brought about by the “Nobleman Star,” which takes up residence in the East sector this year. This particular energy does not bring immediate wealth and prosperity. It does, however, help you meet the right people – both in your private and professional life – which can bring great opportunities in the long term future. After all, being assisted in your life by mentors, higher ups, and people in positions of influence does bring benefits! They might not be immediately tangible, but in Asia, where connections and networks are essential and crucial to advancing in life, this Nobleman Star energy is highly coveted.

If nothing else, try to avoid the Northeast sector this year at all cost, and pick one or two of the Wealth Sectors to activate. This should ensure smooth sailing in the Year of the Fire Monkey.

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