How Crystals Enhance Meditation

How Crystals Enhance Meditation
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The conscious mind is very active – so active that it is easy to forget that another mind-state of consciousness exists. Meditation can help you open the door to access the place where peaceful potential and innate wisdom exists. This waking-dream state-of-mind is where ideas and new information can come into your awareness. For those that are beginners to meditation, it may be difficult to know how to start or more seasoned practitioners may be looking to boost their practice. In both cases, crystals are an easy addition to the meditative process.

Before meditating, it is helpful to set an intention or purpose of the meditation in your mind. An intention can be a word or thought such as ‘health’, ‘peace’ or ‘relaxation’. Intentions help your subconscious mind focus on the suggestion, bringing the idea into your conscious awareness. Creating an intention or asking a specific question also helps you receive guidance from your higher mind. Meditation is the direct line to your innate wisdom. Crystals assist in focusing and channelling the energy.

In everyday life, crystals are used in computers, cell phones and in instruments that transmit information. Consider working with and incorporating crystals that resonate vibrations in line with your intentions. Resonance is like a phone connection. There is information being transmitted back and forth between you and the crystal. Your unique vibration resonates with certain crystals more than others and so much of the delight of working with crystals is to learn which ones connect most with your personal vibration. As you grow and evolve through life so will the relationship with certain crystals. Sometimes there may be an attraction to smooth, earthy crystals like agates when you need soothing or sparkly crystals such as amethyst when needing to connect with higher vibrational energies (such as channeling innovative ideas).

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Crystals align with the vibrational energies of the chakras, the energy centres that run through your body. When the chakras are clear of emotional debris and running at full strength, the energy is free to flow throughout your body. Crystals help align and clear chakras, opening a pathway to connect with your innate wisdom, focus on an intention and/or answer questions. As you become more familiar with crystals, nurturing your personal relationship with them, different crystals can be used to clear certain chakras.

Experiment to find out which crystals are best at specific times. Having a specific intention for your meditation can direct you to specific crystals. If you are a novice to meditation, or if you want to enhance your meditation experience, try hematite. Hematite is used for grounding and centering. Grounding is a vital, honoring and connecting you to the Earth. Hematite is iron ore, a heavy dense metal found deep in the Earth. Hematite stimulates the first chakra assisting in the release of fear, doubt, and worry, as well as putting burdens into the Earth. In the core of the earth, all worries are transformed into energy that feeds the Earth, and in turn feeds you.

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Open the heart chakra to love. The first step is to clear debris from the heart chakra, softening the heart to be more open and receptive to love. Crystals that are pink in color, such as rose quartz are good for softening the heart chakra. Hold the rose quartz in your hand. Focus on the intention of LOVE. Feel the vibration of LOVE. Ask the rose quartz to soothe any pain and discomfort in the heart chakra, relaxing the heart into a receptive, open, and empathic state. As you meditate, you may feel the heart chakra relax, or you may see an an image or words about what your heart chakra needs or wants to help it relax and be more open to love.

If crystals sound interesting to you, a great way to experiment using crystals in meditative practice is a Chakra Crystal Starter Kit. Specific crystals resonate with each of the chakras. Choose a chakra to focus on and use the crystal associated with the vibration of that chakra. An example chakra crystal kit might contain the following crystals:

1st chakra – Hematite
2nd chakra – Red jasper
3rd chakra – Tiger’s eye
4th chakra – Rose quartz
5th chakra – Blue lace agate
6th chakra – Sodalite
7th chakra – Amethyst
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Meditation is a process of trust and belief in your own wisdom, potential and path to enlightenment. Be open to the information the crystal transmits. The more you practice meditating with crystals, the more you will appreciate them as allies in the transmission and manifestation of your intentions.

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