Get Fit and APPy!

Get Fit and APPy!
Photo Credit To Original artwork by ©Kris Tang

Ok – want some help sticking to your New Year goals for better health and wellness? Let me help!

🔑Key Element: You gotta get moving! I love group exercise classes, but I realize that not everyone has a gym membership, or maybe you simply can’t get out because of sick kiddos, crazy weather or work taking over!  Have no fear, there are so many free and inexpensive ways to exercise even without going to the gym!!

Some of my favorite apps to get ideas include:
1. Tabata Pro – do your own HIIT workout with a great timer!  Also available on Android.
2. Nike Training Club – awesome resource full of pre-made workouts for all levels – great resource! You put in your goals, and there are all these pre-customized workouts that are all different times.  So whether you have 14 minutes or 40, there is something for you.  Also available on Android.
3. Bodyspace – this app is in conjunction with – you can download any of their programs into this app and access all the exercises, demos, check ins, etc…Also available on Android.
4. MyFitnessPal – classic goodie! you can track your cals, workouts, goals and progress whilst also connecting with other friends.  Available on Android here.
5. Ultra Fitness – weight training routines and meal plan ideas – free download with in app purchase options for upgrades after a 30 day free trial.  Also available on Android.
6. Blogilates – download this app featuring Cassey Ho for great workout ideas and tips. Her enthusiasm and energy is so contagious. Also, if you join her email list, you get access to a monthly workout calendar with workouts for each day – all for free! Check out the Android version here.
7. Emily Skye F.I.T. – this Australian beauty has a great app with quick, but tough HIIT and toning workouts.  Emily Skye F.I.T. is not available for Android.
8. Sweat – app by another Australian fitness mogul, Kayla Itsines. This app is free to download, but there are some in app purchases for more in depth workouts. For free 7 day workout trial, go to her website and sign up!  Her app is not yet available for Android.
9. Toned – app by Natalie Jill Fitness with some free stuff, but many options for a low monthly fee of $4.99. You can sign up for her email list for free and she always includes a great video. She also sends a free workout calendar each month.
10. Zombies, Run! – if you find running boring and love watching The Walking Dead television show, check out this app!  Become a story character by choosing a mission, selecting music, how you want to keep track and then release the zombies! See the app page for a full range of membership options, and check out the Android version here.

Do you have any workout apps you love?  I would love to hear what works best for you!

Sally Crosby

About Sally Crosby – Writer

Sally Crosby is a super fun fitness instructor, coach and enthusiast who loves exercise, healthy eating, and premium nutrition supplements. Her passion is supporting others to have similar success. She is married with 2 boys and lives in the middle of nowhere in Lubbock, Texas, USA.  You can connect with Sally by emailing!

About Kris Tsang – Artist

Kris is an illustrator, cartoonist and painter best known for her naïve cartoonish drawings and paintings in happy bright colours combining childlike sweetness with adult humour. Kris was born and lives in Hong Kong.
Contact:  Visit her site for more information.


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