Blog: January Jumpstart with FLEX Studio HK

Blog:  January Jumpstart with FLEX Studio HK
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Join me for the #JanuaryJumpstart. I have been invited by Flex Studio HK to try every class during January’s Fitness Challenge. Follow my ups and downs throughout the month.  I’ll be sharing each class complete with a short interview and pictures!  Wish me luck 🙂 

TUESDAYPilates Allegro Multilevel @9:45am w/Trixie Velez

After yesterday’s 8K jog, I ambled into my first pilates class in about a year.  And what a surprise my muscles were about to encounter!  Class started with mat exercises for a warm-up and to wake up all those little core-muscles deep in the abdominals.  According to Trixie, pilates has been most effective for her as a whole body workout that prevents injury and teaches the body to move more efficiently.  I experienced all of her thoughts in class, as my core powered up to lengthen muscles for a stronger and taller posture, I had more awareness of my body positioning, and I left having stretched, strengthened and toned my core, legs and arms.

This class is great for those new to pilates, exercise enthusiasts looking to vary their routine, working individuals looking to improve posture and/or those wishing to tone every corner of the body.  If you are postnatal or a need more thorough introduction to pilates, Flex offers specific classes and introductory programmes.  See their website for more information.

THURSDAY –  Xtend Barre Level 1 @11:30am

The instructor, Nicole, set the pace of this class off perfectly with a light but energetic warm-up before we got into the main rhythm of the class.  This comprehensive, all-over body workout is a toning-up dream.  After class, I felt the burn in all the right places, and it reminded me the rest of the day to sit up straight, stand tall, tighten my core, and lengthen my neck like a beautiful dancer.  You can tell Nicole loves this class; she even takes classes from fellow instructors for the great workout and to continually bring ideas into her own class. You will definitely “feel the burn” with the Pilates-like elements of working out the core, posture and balance.

This class is great for those who are looking to improve their core, posture, toning and balance.  Personally I find this class perfect for all of the elements mentioned, plus using it on off-running/cardio days.  See you tomorrow!

FRIDAY – Pilates Fat Burn @ 9:45am

“No one regrets working hard.” – Trixie Velez

Fat Burn Pilates is working-out with a barrage of continuous, off-the-cuff motivational quips and quotes to keep you pumped up during interval exercises.  I loved the pace and intensity.  Additionally, with two long-term injuries (ACL with no repair and a shoulder injury), it was a great way to practice form whilst concentrating on areas that need strengthening.  Since the tension is always adjustable, I was able to make sure the workout was as Trixie says, “The challenge that makes you stronger.”

This class is great for those who want to add a bit of cardio in addition to strength and toning.  As with the other workouts mentioned before, it is a complete body workout and is adjustable for those with injuries.

MONDAY – Vinyasa Flow @1:00pm

According to Yogi-teacher Charlotte of LoveLife HK, “Vinyasa Yoga is a practice where the body moves in synchronisation with the breath.  By focusing on breath, that brings us into awareness.  Within awareness we are able to find stillness, clarity and presence of the mind.”

This was my first class with Charlotte, and I really appreciated the timeliness of the flow.  We had just enough time to take a few deep breaths in each pose, concentrating on various muscles and/or the whole body, before we flowed into the next pose.  As a novice yogi, I was surprised how deeply I was able to breathe in some poses; it’s a feeling I often only get doing cardio.  This class is great for anyone who like a consistent and steady level of movement in yoga.  This class is engaging and can be done whether you are a beginner or advanced yogi. For more on Charlotte, see 5 Yoga Poses for Every Body!

TUESDAY – Insanity Live Express @ 12pm

This fast paced workout was such great fun, I can’t wait to go back!  Make sure to bring your trainers, as there is lots of jumping, squats and more.  A total body workout, this will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to finish your day with energy and enthusiasm.  This workout happened so quickly, I could barely believe it had been 45minutes.  Definitely coming back!

THURSDAY – BLT @ 11:15am

Bum, Legs and Tum is the focus of this amazing class. Found of Flex, Heather Thomas Shalabi.  BLT is designed for those who want targeted sculpting, prevent overdevelopment of certain areas and to educate.  Every class starts with abdominals, lengthening and strengthening the legs, more advanced abdominals, integrated glutes and then putting all the skills together by the end of class.  Stretches are done in active positions to prevent muscle strength plateaus.  Lengthening and strengthening allows muscles to continue evolving.

This class was definitely a favourite.  I really enjoyed the constant reminders on form, making the full body workout more intense.

FRIDAY – Zuma Express @12pm

If you enjoy a bit of dancing, this is a great class for you.  Designed for any ability level, Zumba starts with a few basic steps, adds some arms movements and then you are set to go.  You won’t even realise 45 minutes has passed.  You only need a smile and your trainers to get your groove on.  And with a perfectly timed class, you can shake off the office cobwebs to get ready for the weekend!

FRIDAY – Hatha Yoga @8:45am Central

This was my first hatha yoga class, and after yesterday’s BLT, I was looking forward to some gentle stretching.  The poses we did were deceptively simple.  Each one had layers of complexity depending on ability level, and were easy to adjust for beginner to the more advanced yogi.  The Central location is fantastic for those that work in the city, especially men and women hoping to grab a good workout before heading home or going to work in the morning.

MONDAY – Detox Yoga @9:00am

Michelle Ricaille gets the body moving right away with deep breathing, full stretches and a beautiful flow specifically targeting the digestive system, kidneys and liver. She focuses on these important areas by emphasizing twists, movement and pressure on the stomach area and infusing the western and classical approach to yoga.  Chanting, pranayama and kapalabhati all stimulate the body, as well.  Class begins with gentle movement and progresses to harder poses by the end.  As with all yoga classes, it is easy to adjust to your ability level.  It was easy to be inspired by all the different individuals working towards better health at this class!

TUESDAY – ABS Blast @10:00am – Central

Never before have I done a class that focussed on the core for an entire hour.  It’s a good idea to pace yourself with this one as well as admire the intense strength of some of the participants as well as the instructor, Kristen.  The myriad of exercises on the Pilates Allegro reformer were astonishing.  On the box, off the box and all around the reformer, you will work every single muscle deep in your core improving stability, strength as well as digestion.  This class would not be suitable for post-natal individuals or those with large separations until a proper assessment has been performed.  For the rest of us, I definitely recommend this ab-focussed blast!


This will be our last class of #JanuaryJumpstart!  Thank you for journeying with us, and we hope to see you next month for Fab ‘n Fit February!

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