Straighten Your Slouch in 5 Steps

Straighten Your Slouch in 5 Steps
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Slouching almost always starts with the shoulders rolling forward, bringing the center of gravity forward, which leads to the head settling slightly back. Our amazing musculoskeletal system has already customized a “posture setting” to accommodate the body’s daily needs. When nagging neck and shoulder soreness, movement and stability gets in the way and keeping ourselves upright takes more effort, it’s time to focus on saving the slouch. Use these 5 exercises to straighten up and release tension.

  • Open the Door

Reach your arm back and anchor your hand at shoulder height on a wall. Turn your body to the opposite side until you feel a pull on your chest and shoulder muscles. Be sure to keep your shoulder relaxed and in line with your hand. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat 3 times. Switch sides and repeat.

  • Posture Plus

Do this sitting or standing. Bring your left arm back and let it rest of the small of your back. Relax your left shoulder and let it hang off your torso.

  • Release Neck Strain

With your neck relaxed and your nose pointing straight ahead. Place your right hand on top of your head and gently pull forward with your chin pointing in toward your neck. Hold for 30 seconds.

  • Say Goodbye to Shoulder Tension

Nose pointing forward. Pull your head to the right so your ear approaches your right shoulder. Hold for 30 secs. Repeat on opposite side.

  • Walk Confidently

Look forward and not at the ground or at a mobile device whilst walking. Standing tall as if someone is pulling your hair up on top of your head or as if you are looking for a friend somewhere in front of you.

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