5 Product Trendsetters in Hong Kong

5 Product Trendsetters in Hong Kong
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Six years ago, when Angie Ting became a mother she started reading up on the increasing frequency of allergies and asthma in infants and how harmful chemicals like pesticides and polyester can significantly affect a child’s development. With this information and inspiration, she founded Apple Park. Apple Park creates luxurious, eco-friendly children’s products using only the finest organic, sustainable, and recycled materials benefiting our children, our planet, and our future.  To Angie, ‘organic’ is not merely a label on products but a change in the way of living starting with the each person in the manufacturing process. When she started Apple Park with the help of her San Francisco partners and designers, she didn’t want it to be just another business. She wanted it to be educational, to mean something for our children, and to change the way we live. Angie hopes the change starts today, with you and all the loving parents out there. Purchase Apple Park products in Hong Kong through all Shangri-La hotels.



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Little Things in Life HK is lovingly run by two ‘Allergically Unfortunate’ sisters who couldn’t find regular items like lip balm and toothpaste without getting rashes and itchy skin. LTILHK provides organic skincare and cosmetics catering to the most sensitive individuals. All products are tailored to combat Hong Kong’s pollution, humidity, aircon, sleep deprivations and (gasp!) age. To Annie and Angela, LTILHK is not just a business, but it’s also their every day life. The motto: Tested By Us, Safe for You says it all. Visit the new boutique in Happy Valley to check out all the products in person, experiment and take home skincare safe for everyone in the family from adults to teenagers.



2/F, 159 Wong Nai Chung Road
Happy Valley
Tel: 9087 3338




“The ingredients are the most important part of the process,” say the owners at HK Juice. Several years ago the team at HK Juice started helping family members with cancer. Through this experience, they noticed how difficult it was for ill individuals to get enough nutrients from regular food due to poor appetite and a weakened immune system. Inspired to help, the team at HK juice turned to cold-pressed juices and smoothies to squeeze out every last drop of nutrition from the ingredients they used.

With the help of doctors, naturopaths and patients, the team developed a number of freshly made, 100% USDA/JAS/EU certified organic juices that maximize nutrition combining ingredients that enhance absorption and encourage healing. Proof of the efficacy of their juicing came from patients sharing blood work and exam result plus their loyal customers feeling more energetic and strong. Given the cost of the ingredients and the thoughtful recyclable packing, HK Juice has been able to steadily grow and create value using quality produce for quality, research-backed combinations resulting in a range of signature formulas. Juicing helps the body’s natural ability to detox or enhance kidney function, balance hormones or help with weak bones. With all this thought, HK Juice knows that a their detox will give the best results. In summer 2015 HK Juice opened a stand alone shop in Sheung Wan, featuring their cold-pressed juice cleanse, cold-pressed juice shots, and cold-pressed juice smoothies, as well as Hong Kong’s first healthy dessert smoothie.

Shop E, 18 Lok Ku Road
Sheung Wan
Tel: 2815.5515




Picture a garden full of herbs and flowers with fresh breezes and nutrient-dense soil. This is where a young Daniela Pelonara was inspired to start experimenting on basic formulations supported by traditional wisdom for therapeutic use and beauty. Eventually, as an adult Daniela decided she loved skincare so much she went on to study professionally by becoming a certified Aromatologist (an aromatherpaist that specialises in botanical extracts). The products Daniela handcrafts have a short list of ingredients, are truly organic, natural and naturally derived including the preservatives, emulsifiers and surfactants. Ingredients are purchased at peak seasons to preserve potency and formulated to interact naturally to balance, heal or boost the skin. Sources are personally visited and all reports are examined to ensure quality and purity of ingredients. Local botanicals are often used as well. Research and development, sourcing, formulations, production, packing and distribution are all done under one house. Native Essentials skin care range can be purchased at on Daniela’s website.




“As a family business, we are committed to raising the bar in the chocolate industry from our ethical sourcing and visiting farms, to our making/ production process and to individual’s health and our planet’s health.” As a raw vegan chef, Priscilla Soligo has been a household name in Hong Kong for a number of years. Then, about three years ago she set out to create a raw chocolate bar with the mouth-feel and texture indicative of high-end roasted, stone-ground, bean to bar chocolate void of the normal gritty and dry raw chocolate she had eaten in the past. With the help of her entire family, including her sister Rachel Whitfield, they found ethically-sourced beans direct from a farm in Indonesia, performing regular checks to make sure the beans are processed below 47.77C. Every bar is handcrafted in their new facility in Kwun Tong beginning with making their own cacao liquor and paste from scratch ensuring every step of the chocolate making process elicits the greatest nutritional and medicinal value from the cacao beans. Using low-glycemic evaporated coconut palm nectar, gives the slightest hint of sweetness without the overbearing sugar rush common from other bars. All of the bars are raw vegan, paleo-friendly and are completely free of refined sugar, dairy, gluten, soy, agave, peanuts, GMO, additives and preservatives and fillers. Even the packaging is eco-friendly and made from post consumer recycled material using veggie based inks and a plant based inner wrap that is fully compostable!


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