Fermenting Resources

Fermenting Resources
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*Please contact individually for more information on kefir and kombucha classes

Hong Kong

LantauMama’s Jacqueline Renee Cohen

Rowena Hunt Health and Wellness

Louise Kane Buckley



Bangkok Healthy Living @ jeaneahpaik@gmail.com



Melissa Mak @ Mmm Goodness Probiotics



The Art of Fermentation – Sandor Ellix Katz.  This not a recipe book but a comprehensive guide to all things fermented, including a fascinating look at fermented foods within their physiological, sociological and cultural contexts.

Wild Fermentation – Sandor Ellix Katz. This book is more of a recipe book style and covers many different aspects of ‘wild’ (as opposed to cultured) fermentation.  Real Food Fermentation – Alex Lewin A well-illustrated recipe book covering all the fermenting basics

Nourishing Traditions – Sally Fallon NT is a wildly popular book on politically incorrect ‘real food’ and contains a number of fermented food and drink recipes. All the recipes use whey as a starter however as will most ferments, I feel it is not strictly necessary and extra salt can be substituted instead.

Cultured Food for Life – Donna Schwenk

Culture Your Life – Louise Kane Buckley



Wild Fermentation:  Sandor Ellix Katz’s website

Cultures for Health: This is a US based company that sells a wide variety of cultures and other supplies (they don’t post to HK, unfortunately) but has an excellent email newsletter with lots of great tips.

Yemoos:  Sells cultures and has lots of information on the website

Fearless Fermentation:  Online courses on fermenting

Pink Farm

Wellness Mama

Nourished Kitchen

Lantaumama:  Hong Kong based website featuring recipes and information from the top fermenting teacher in the city.




Healthy Living in HK:  By invitation only.  Hong Kong’s premier community for all natural health and wellness information and discussion.

Bangkok Healthy Living:  By invitation only.  Contact info@healthylivingasia.com if you are interested in joining.

Mmm Goodness Probiotics:  Singapore based probiotic group

Wild Fermentation:  A public group of fermenters and experts

Fermenters Kitchen:  A closed group of 22,000 members

Fermenting Hong Kong:  A local group that shares fermenting tips and tricks

Traditional Cooking School

Sandor Ellix Katz

Cultured Food Life

Oregon Fermenters Club

Note:  Many of these sites link to other social media, so be sure to check out Instagram and Twitter for more ferment-spiration.


For more inspiration check out these great articles that include information about fermenting and health on Healthy Living Asia.

Microbiome – Part 1
Microbiome – Part 2
Rosemary’s Kitchen
Kombucha with LantauMama
Kombucha with Louise


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