Interview with Emmanuel F.

Interview with Emmanuel F.

“I believe health is your biggest luxury.” – Emmanuel Faipoux

Urban. Chic. Eco. Luxury. Organic. Couture.

Emmanuel F. offers a personal touch starting with the stylist or therapist providing the salon and spa services to the ecological imprint through products, the community and the overall impact on the earth. His salon is the only one offering organic and natural hair care through to spa products for facials, nails and body. And the best part is you will leave having your natural beauty complimented with products that enhance whilst being free of chemicals and fumes.
Emmanuel spent the morning talking with Healthy Living Asia about the importance of organic, the ambitious goal to change the culture of hair treatments from chemical-based to organic and how he plans on expanding the Emmanuel F. concept within and outside of Hong Kong.

Most individuals find Emmanuel through searching due to personal circumstance including pregnancy, nursing, illness or being eco-aware and looking for a salon that meets standards of safety, limits chemicals but with a top-salon experience.   For highlights, colour, balayage, perms, and hair straightening, Emmanuel has spent the last seven years experimenting and perfecting his techniques with the use of Organic Colour Systems product range. “All that traditional chemicals do is create a chemical reaction with the hair. Organic Colour Systems achieves this same reaction through the use of plants. The benefit is you leave the salon with beautiful colour that often lasts longer and with better results in addition to healthier hair.”
From beginning to end there is a thoughtful undertaking. For example, with highlights it is a fascinating process of organic innovation and eco-friendly materials from start to finish. Aluminum foil is replaced with a light 100% organic cotton toweling, which feels light on the head and hair and feels gentle when removed for shampooing afterwards. From an eco-conscious standpoint, this allows for the reuse of the toweling and when the toweling is discarded it biodegrades in three years versus aluminum’s 400-year cycle. Colour is applied to the hair on a palette allowing a closer application to the roots, and the palette can just be washed afterwards, again resulting in less waste. All ingredients of the colouring are organic, free of ammonia and chemical smell, waste free and with a concentration on sustainability.


Emmanuel is also is conscientious of pocketbooks, and offers haircuts with shampoo and style starting at HKD$550 and additional services for children and teens. In addition to hair care, Emmanuel F. has a full range of organic (98-100%) make-up, skin care, hair accessories and products and full spa services for adults and teens. With children of his own, Emmanuel believes in teaching and helping the next generation to understand that beauty can be accentuated whilst expecting the same degree (or better) as chemical counterparts whilst also enhancing the care of the individual and the earth through thoughtful and innovative techniques.

Emmanuel has been around the world and been born in France where he began his career and then travelling and living in Taiwan and the United States before making Hong Kong his home with his wife and family. He has been dedicated to bringing out the best in his clients image and beauty for the last 30 years with a specific focus on wellbeing, health and eco-friendly practices at home and in the salon for the last seven. After having been diagnosed at a young age with illness, he began taking a stronger look into the impact of the chemicals he was using everyday in the salon and the waste created from aluminum and plastics as well as other products. Every salon stylist and spa therapist is trained to use the products for the best outcome with the client, often taking years of training directly from Emmanuel. His ultimate goal is to share his knowledge and experience and to expand the use of organic, eco-friendly, sustainable practices to all hair salons across the world.

To make an appointment, contact Emmanuel or his stylists and therapists at:

Nexxus Building
2/F, 41 Connaught Road Central
Tel: 2167-8280

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