Master Your Destiny in 8 Steps

Master Your Destiny in 8 Steps
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Michelle Harris, of Pure Potential, guides you through eight ways to enhance your life.

We all have the potential for a great life – to be happy, to feel loved and to reach for our dreams.  Empowerment encapsulates that potential for personal fulfilment, self-actualisation and success.

Over many years in the healing profession, I have learned a lot about empowering myself and helping others.  With positive energy and focus, you have the ability to create what you want and be the person you want to become.

This confidence is built over time through balancing areas of your life from the spiritual and emotional, and to mental and physical aspects. When you feel empowered, you feel like you are shining from the inside out.  You have an energy and step, as if you are filled with a power that takes over and propels you forward.  Life and your creations easily flow.  You are proud of who you are and what you have to offer.  You radiate a sense of self-love, and helping others is a natural extension of your feelings.  Your ‘work’ is something you enjoy rather than something that is endured.

Be the Master of Your Life

Perhaps the first and most important aspect is knowing that you have a choice. No matter your situation or circumstance, you always have a choice  in difficult moments, contemplating tough decision or dealing with everyday life.  Making a decision, in and of itself, acknowledges your ability to make further change.  Altering your reaction and thought process towards a situation allows you to reframing choices and decisions giving rise to new answers.

Get Moving

Your energy-flow is like an upward spiral that creates momentum for you to evolve and move forward.  Exercise is a fantastic way to build that flow of energy and positive feelings about yourself. Try taking a brisk walk in the park, a hike over the hills, 20 minutes on the treadmill or a yoga class. As well as the physical health and fitness benefits and the feel-good factor of exercise, movement prevents your body and mind from becoming stagnant.

Let Go of the Past

Holding onto the past drains both your mental and physical energy and leaves you in a depressed state of mind. Ruminating over what someone said or didn’t do or what you ‘should’ have done, gives you a feeling of powerlessness.  Resolve what you can and let go of what cannot change.  Think about why you are holding on to negative thoughts.  Visualise those thoughts leaving with your breath as you exhale.  You cannot change how other people react, but you can free up your energy and thoughts to move forward, creating what you want in your life.  Instead of dwelling on aspects of life that are painful and difficult, try to see them as a great ‘gift’ of learning.

Know Thyself

To know your own mind, your belief systems and patterns, your strengths and weaknesses, and your emotional nature is to ultimately know the inner you. Once you know the patterns that cause you to become off-balance with a lack of self-belief or self-confidence, then you can take steps to change. People often unintentionally spread negative energy bringing others down around them.  If you are fully aware of the situation and recognise the potential difficulties, you can react in a manner which puts distance between yourself and the negativity.  The problem can be seen objectively without emotion, giving you empowerment to feel good about yourself and move on in a positive way.

Meditate or Sit Quietly

Create a quiet space to connect with your inner power and spiritual aspect.   In this space, close your eyes and focus on taking deep breaths.  Feel the breath flowing in and out and concentrate on that single action.  It’s okay if your mind wanders, but bring your focus back to your breathing.  Reflection helps you examine your inner spiritual core.  Meditation also allows you to switch off and relax. There is a time for doing and a time for not doing; both are necessary parts of the whole.

Listen to Your Intuition

Your intuition or inner voice is your greatest tool; it is the means by which your inner self can communicate through you.  Your higher self is the part of you that knows what is best for you.  By tuning into and listening to your intuition you learn to trust your decisions and choices. You learn to know that you DO have the answers to difficult scenarios and life choices.

Contribute and Add Value 

When you feel empowered you naturally want to extend outwards and share with others.  As you follow your heart on the path to creating your own life, you are an example for others to do the same.  Consider the small good things you can do for a neighbour or friend; pay a kindness forward once a week and connect with new people.

Follow Your Heart, Dreams and Visions

Only you know what is best for you. Of course it is great to solicit advice from family and friends, but ultimately only YOU know what is the best course of action for you. This allows your intuition, motivation, and deeper creativity to come forward and be expressed in the world. Spend time writing your dreams and visions for yourself and look at them daily. Set goals for yourself and take one step forward each day. Little by little, you can watch your dreams come true.

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