Kombucha Class with LantauMama

Kombucha Class with LantauMama
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“Make kombucha at home with confidence!”  Jacqueline Renee Cohen

Walking into Jacqueline’s class is like walking into a friend’s kitchen and peeking inside the cupboards.  The open plan room with the island table displaying the day’s materials is the perfect backdrop for the relaxed and informative 75-minute session on how to brew your own kombucha.

Jacqueline starts her classes by saying, “My goal is for you to know how to make kombucha at home with confidence by the time you leave here today.”  And she does just that.  Instead of focusing on one type of kombucha, Jacqueline teaches you about three kinds (regular, jun, and herbal kombucha) plus two different methods for flavouring (soaking and blending).  She explains the origins of kombucha along with the seven things you need to make a successful brew.  To make life even easier, she offers the extra option of a beautiful bag full of everything you need to get started – all pre-measured.  “All you have to do is go home and boil the water,” she says.

One of the highlights is the seasonal drinks.  For this class it was the ‘Berrybucha’ demonstration where Jacqueline presented a bowl of kombucha-soaked organic berries.  We all tasted the berries first and then watched as they were poured into the Vita-mix and blended with regular kombucha.  Within seconds of pouring the taster glasses, the chorus of “oohs and ahhs” was remarkable.  In addition to fun extras like these, you will learn about regular and continuous brew, how to look out for mould and a few tips on other uses of kombucha such as  hand sanitizers.

Jacqueline makes kombucha accessible, memorable and simple.  With her handout and refrigerator-ready cheat sheet, there really is no excuse not to start creating these wonderful fermented probiotic drinks at home.

Jacqueline teaches at a variety of locations and has regular classes at SOL Wellness in Central.  Check out her website www.lantaumama.com for more information.

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