Kombucha Class with Louise Kane Buckley

Kombucha Class with Louise Kane Buckley
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As soon as you walk in to Louise’s class, you feel like you’ve stepped into Julia Child’s kitchen where experimentation is a part of everyday cooking.  Conversations pepper the room with topics like, ‘what brought you here today?’ and ‘I’ve never done this before!’  Louise’s enthusiasm quickly dissipates any worries and your attention is brought directly to the gelatinous pile of SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast) on a plate.  She continues with an informal question and answer-style class.

Louise started teaching kombucha classes a year ago when she released her book Culture Your Life.  It’s no secret most attendees learning about kombucha are afraid of the slimy SCOBY upon entering the classroom.  But as soon as you start, you feel like a teenager in science class wondering how to make your own concoctions with teas, fruits and other items available at home.

For the first time in your life, discussing the act of ‘burping’ (releasing gas from the container so the ferment does not explode) will be acceptable, and growing bacteria won’t be cause for bringing out the bleach.  You will learn excellent tips including where to buy pressure-tested jars and how to use kombucha in every day life from probiotic smoothies to dehydrated SCOBY snacks, salad dressings and cleaning products.   Louise’s goal is for you to go home ready to make  kombucha with supplies from your kitchen and to have confidence to make mistakes and experiment – all with the end goal of bringing beneficial probiotics into your and your family’s life.

In addition to attending her classes, you can learn more about fermenting through Louise’s book Culture Your Life, which covers both kombucha and kefir.

Louise holds regular classes at The Body Group.  Check out her website at www.loulanatural.com for more information.

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