Green Smoothie Joy

Green Smoothie Joy


Do you know that feeling when you are in just the right place and come across the ‘perfect’ book? That’s how it feels when you open Green Smoothie Joy: Recipes for Living, Loving and Juicing Green by Cressida Elias. This book isn’t just a smoothie recipe book, it is a go-to healthy food practice manual. I liked the overall approach and the general instructions, as well as the specific recipes throughout the book. Recipes that seemed intimidating at the outset turned out to be very easy with the clear instructions.

I loved the basic introduction to what a green smoothie is, along with types of blenders and other machines you can use. You also learn about the history and research on the health benefits of a raw food diet. Options are discussed between having a smoothie or juice, both terrific in different ways. You can avoid fruit or substitute in avocados for a thicker texture and more nutrients. Avoid using sweeteners by using carrot juice, beetroot, extra berries or banana to naturally sweeten the drink.

The book reads your mind and then answers questions you were just contemplating. For example, when almond milk is mentioned, the next thing addressed is how to make your own almond milk. There are also portions of the book dedicated to introducing the importance of herbs and seeds, super-foods, protein boosters, and other important decisions like the ratio of vegetables to fruit.

I love the labelling of chapters:  ‘Juice It, Smooth It’ and ‘Fill Up and Go Green Smoothies’. Each category has many options like adding in yoghurt or protein powder and other specific instructions. A great starter recipe under the heading “Simply Green and Smooth Recipes” is the Blue Banana Green Smoothie, packing a bounty of not-all-green ingredients such as banana, blueberries, cucumber, almond milk, baby spinach, honey and more, all delivering a glassful of powerful nutrients.  If you need inspiration and ideas to make or tweak your daily smoothies, look no further!

Highly Recommended:  ****
Review by Debbie Alvarez

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